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Farah Abraham Sex Tape Released

download farah abraham sex tape Farah Abraham’s Sex tape is now available.  The site reached over 2 million visitors a couple days ago within a 12 hour period and crashed the servers of Vivid.  That is more than triple the amount of traffic the Vivid servers received during the first 12 hours of the release of the Kim Kardashian sex tape.  So if you haven’t see the trailer to Farah Abraham’s sex tape, you can now by clicking on the image above.


Farah Abraham Goes Back To School

We just learned the Backdoor Teen Mom  star has enrolled in with Pace Univiersity and online school. Farah now wants to use your online skills for a better cause.  Were told Ms. Abraham is going to be focusing on internal marketing and accounting. Farah wants to use her education to apply to a restaurant Farah has expressed an interest in opening.

Below is a video by TMZ of Farah Abrahams response to her rumors of going back to school.

Farah Abraham says “My Sex Tape Was Personal” HaHa Yeah Sure It Was

Dr Phill Interviews Farah Abraham about her Sex Tape

So in the latest and greatest of the infamous Frrah Abraham Sex Tape that everyone is anxiously awaiting the release which is scheduled for release one Monday May 5th, 2013 is quoted to saying “My Sex Was Personal”.  Farah, you can’t really expect all of us to believe that do you?  Why then would you make the sex tape with James Deen who is a professional Porn actor who has been in 1405 Adult films and has worked many times with Vivid Entertainment.

It’s true that Vivid Entertainment purchased the sex tape of Farah Abraham for $1.4 million; however, no one believes that it was not originally produced to later be sold to Vivid. We all know Farah, that you are now lying to make yourself look like Kim Kardashian, who’s porn video a few years back accidentally was stolen and then sold to Vivid.

Farah Abraham Lies Exposed in the Below Video!!!

Photos Leaked from Farah Abraham’s Porno

Leaked Photos of Farah Abraham’s Sex Tape Seen Here!

A couple of days ago someone got their hands on the Farah Abraham teen celebrity’s new sex tape due to be released Monday May 5th, 2013. She is seen below is sexy lingerie  on a ping covered bed in a very well lit room.  This is no-doubt her sex tape that she made with James Deen that was suposevely just for pleasure and to feed her vanity type urge; however, most specualtors think differently and that perhaps it had more to do with her intentions of selling this very exclusive and highly covered Sex Tape to Vivid Entertainment.

Farah has recently been photographed meeting with Vivid Entertainment’s CEO Steven Heirsh for coffee at Starbucks in Studio City, CA to discuss the deal points of the purchase of her new video Backdoor Teen Mom.  The news coverage of Backdoor Teen Mom has been very recent of scaled to large media platforms across the internet.  Every blog, news site and internet personality is talking about it, it’s the next big sex tape is the Kim Kardashian sex tape.


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Sex Tape of Farah Abraham IS REAL

Farah Abraham’s sex tape is a must see!

Teen Mom reality star Farah Abraham couldn’t resist the almost million dollars vivid offered her for her sex tape with James Deen.  Backdoor Teen Mom shows tight body Farah Abraham getting fucked in the ass and you can tell she loves it either because it feels amazing or the thought of all that money that will come from it.  This will not be your average celebrity sex tap though! No, far from it. The clear, well lit, and good camera angles which tells me she planned to sell the tape down the road. I don’t care, I love the sight of gorgeous brunette  Farah Abraham Teem Mom star finally getting fucked hardcore.  Her fake tits are not big, but are a perfect size for her small body, just enough bounce in her tits and her even tan and tone body would have any average guy jizzing in seconds.

Top reasons why you NEED to watch Farah Abrahams tape:

  1. She’s fucking hot
  2. Farah is a former MTV TeenMom reality star. Celebrity sex tapes are always a good time.
  3. It’s actually a good amateur porn video, crisp video and great lighting.
  4. Farah Abraham takes it up the ass!

Steven Hirsch is the porn genius behind some of the biggest celebrity sex taps including Kim Kardashian, Kendra Wilkinson and the famous Farah Abrahams tape.   Good for her, if all the guys in her life and been trying to steal nude pictures from her to sell, then I think she should take control of the situation and sell the sex tape herself.  A million bucks for just one scene of you being fucked in the ass, go for it!

farah abraham sex tape sceneFarah Abraham said Porn star James Deen had a small penis!  Any woman who calls a porn star out on having a penis should think twice, especially if she’s shoved a baby out of her pussy! Is Abraham saying that he has a small penis or does she just have a large vagina?  And if she’s getting anal sex, I would think the smaller the better to keep her pretty little butthole from getting stretched! All that aside, I had to do some research on James Deen to see what she thought was a small penis and OMG, what size cock is she used to? There is no way James Deen has a small penis, it’s large!  Farah Abraham can’t be saying that shit around guys with sensitive egos! If a guy with a genuinely small penis saw James penis he would want to kill himself, or spend thousands on penis enhancement pills.

If you love celebrity sex tapes like me or if you want to watch your first celeb porn video then Farah Abraham’s sex tap is a MUST SEE!  This girl has a porn star “fuck me” body unlike so many other videos. She doesn’t have any extra flab or scars. Just one hot sexy tight body and good sized fake tits taking it up the butt.

I want to know how much James will get paid for the sex tape with Farah. She gets close to a million, but how much does he make, if any? He’s already a porn star so many having sex with Farah Abraham will just bring him new business…   Regardless, he’s living the dream of having sex with hot chicks without any worries of getting them pregnant or taking them out to expensive.

In conclusion, you wont be disappointed with the Farah Abraham Sex Tape.  In my opinion, she is the hottest girl in amateur porn, or all of porn for that matter.  Whether Farah calls herself a pornstar or not doesn’t really matter, this is the hottest celebrity sex tape with Farah Abraham.